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FarmTuff® — What it means for you.

Kern County Tractor Parts understands the unique challenges you face daily. We know there is “tough” and then there is “farm tough.” Farm tough represents the determination that says this can be done and then doing it. What FarmTuff® means for you is getting quality products, made by people who know what you face, at farm friendly prices. Products designed to help you meet all of your FarmTuff® challenges. As a company, Kern County Tractor Parts truly understands what it takes to be successful at farming.

To meet this FarmTuff® philosophy, Kern County Tractor Parts proudly offers quality aftermarket tractor and combine parts at affordable prices. We’ve expanded our product line to include parts for headers, planters, and drills, skid steers, cotton harvesting equipment, tillage products and so much more.

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