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Kubota® Seat and Suspension Assembly AMSS6883

Kubota® Tractors – L4300DT, L4300F, L4400DT, L4400F, L4400H, L4600DT, L4600F, L4600H, L4701DT, L4701F, L4701H, M5640SU, M5640SUD/SUD-1, M7040SU, M7040SUD, MX4700DT, MX4700F, MX4700H, MX4800DT, MX4800F, MX4800H, MX5000DT, MX5000F, MX5000SU, MX5100DT, MX5100F, MX5100H, MX5200DT, MX5200F, MX5200H, MX5800H

– 136 Uni Pro Seat
– Grammer MSG75 Air Suspension
– Seat Bracket
– Mounting Hardware

– Durable black vinyl covering
– Vacuum-formed narrow seat cushion
– Cushion width of 18.50″
– Adjustable, asymmetrical backrest adds comfort and versatility
– Mechanical lumbar support
– Retractable seat belt for added safety
– Shock absorber
– Adjustable to suit the driver’s weight from 100 to 375 lbs
– Weight indicator
– Adjustable slide rails with 8.30″ travel
– Set slides at 11.25″ or 12.91″ wide
– Low-profile air suspension with 12-volt compressor with suspension travel of 3.10″
– Operator presence switch
Replaces OEM Numbers: TC030-11800, TC350-11800


Kubota® Seat and Suspension Assembly AMSS6883

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